Paradiso Musicale

is a baroque ensemble formed by: Dan Laurin, recorders, Henrik Frendin, baroque viola, Anna Paradiso, harpsichord, Mats Olofsson, baroque cello.

(From a text by BIS) The group first came together in 2007. Discovering a shared pleasure in fine wines and haute cuisine – and in not taking ourselves or each other too seriously – we formed what we like to think of as a luxury ensemble, working in a liberating environment, providing opportunities for experiments with unusual repertoire or playing techniques, and where a concert certainly is an occasion for reflection and emotions, but also for having fun for performer and audience alike.

Paradiso Musicale’s combination of instruments is one for which there are very few original works. We are therefore free to play the music that we like, whatever it may have been scored for. A rather Baroque approach, in point of fact. The ultimate goal is to achieve the feeling of a jam session when we perform. Consequently, our take on concepts such as authenticity and textual fidelity is less than dogmatic: in the end it all comes down to the creativity and critical thinking of the individual.


The Father, the Son & the Godfather (music by Telemann, JS Bach and CPE Bach)
Contained in PM’s debut recording for BIS
The CD was also BBC Classical Magazine “choice of the month” in Feb. 2012
C.P.E. Bach’s Trio Sonata for bass recorder, viola and basso continuo formed the centre piece when Paradiso Musicale met with BIS’ recording producer Marion Schwebel in Länna Church, north of Stockholm. Around it the players have arranged pieces by C.P.E.’s father Johann Sebastian and his godfather, Georg Philipp Telemann into a varied and attractive programme which also illustrates the different professional and aesthetic strategies adopted by these composers.